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Guest Fit Review: Circadian SS Tee, Find Your Mantra Henley, Define Jackets Herringbone and Gator Cyber Stripe, Bhakti Yogi Jacket Pique

September 10, 2015

Reader Ms. S is back with a fantastic Guest Fit Review of her latest mail day from the last Lululemon upload. Thank you Ms. S for sharing such an awesome review of the latest products! If you’d like to read her other fit review click the link above. If you’d like to share your own fit review and photos, please email me at l[email protected]

Circadian SS – Cranberry.

Well I have to agree with Lulumum on this tee – it is awesome! I got a size 6 which is my normal size for most SS and LS, though I do wear a 4 in CRBs and Swiftly tanks. For me the fit is perfect – fitted without being too snug. It is super soft and a very nice length that I think will suit a good range of heights (I’m 5’6″). I like this tee so much I’m going back to get a black one as well. The perfect basic!

Find Your Mantra Henley – Bordeaux Drama

This is a beautiful top, but I’m not currently sold on the fit of it. I got a size 6, which again is my size for long and short sleeve swiftlies. And although I like the look from the front, the sleeves are QUITE long and it just feels overall a bit too big. I feel like it looks like that on some of the models, as well. And I wonder if this fabric will relax a bit with time and wear – my hunch is it will, which will make it feel even bigger. So I think I’m going to try a size 4 for comparison and go from there. The fabric feels luxe – this is something you could wear to work or dress down with leggings. 

Define Jackets in Cyber Stripe Gator Green and Heathered Herringbone Heathered Black

Got these both in a size 6 which is my TTS for jackets (I size down to a 4 in On the Daily hoodies and Miss Misty jackets) – whenever I size up to an 8 in this style, I tend to get gaping across the back so I stick with a 6. The Cyber Stripe Gator Green feels a smidge looser than the herringbone, but negligibly. I have to say, I am swooning over this herringbone jacket – I just think it’s a stunner. Classic, sharp…it’s my favorite of the jackets I got today. But, I love the color of the gator green – nice for brunettes.

Bhakti Yoga Jacket – luon pique black dark slate black

This is my first Bhakti jacket! I ordered the fatigue green but it hasn’t arrived yet. I like it – it’s cozy, not nearly as snug or fitted as the define jackets. Not tight at all around the waistband so if you have wider hips there’s plenty of room. In some of the photos I’d seen previously, it looked like the fit was off, particularly in the back shoulder area. I did not seem to have this problem. I got a size 6 and had plenty of room – I wonder if sizing down causes more of the pulling evident in some pics. I could see this fabric being susceptible to that, so just make sure not to get it too fitted. 

I’m still debating on the jackets, and as I said I’m still waiting on the fatigue green Bhakti as well. So if you have a vote for your favorite(s), I’ll take all the help I can get! Let me know if you have any questions!

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23 responses to “Guest Fit Review: Circadian SS Tee, Find Your Mantra Henley, Define Jackets Herringbone and Gator Cyber Stripe, Bhakti Yogi Jacket Pique”

  1. stylistadiva1 says:

    Thanks for the reviews Ms. S. I really like the Herringbone Define and Bhakti jackets on you. Did you happen to try the Circadian tank? I picked up one of those and I'm wondering if the Circadian T fits similarly.

    • Ms. S says:

      Unfortunately I didn't! I was tempted, but stuck with the tee. Actually I wanted the tee and the long sleeve, but the ls wasn't uploaded to the US site. I may be making a trip into a store soon, so if I do try it on, I'll report back on how they compare.

  2. So helpful! Thank you–I actually like the looser, longer look of the henley. Is it sheer at all? Some of the pics on Lululemon's models made me think that the fabric was on the thinner/sheerer side?

    • Ms. S says:

      Thank you! I like a longer top (in the body) as well, and it wasn't the length that bothered me so much as the sleeves – they just felt really long and big. Like I was wearing my father's shirt or something. And you can tell the material will stretch, so I felt like it could easily look sloppy big after a day's wear. I'm going to try a size down and see if that helps. I would say it's not fully opaque, but not terribly sheer either. Yes, the material is thin, but it feels like it would be warm. Lulu describes it as a lightweight fine knit, and I'd say that's accurate.

  3. Michelle Lu says:

    Awesome review! I really hope the Circadian LS will be released in a fun colour like Cranberry! I tried the tee but found it too tight in my TTS. The Bhakti looks great on you!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I agree with previous commenter…I prefer the Bhakti on you.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Herringbone is the best! Pique with luon is warmer and softer fabric compare to the solide color Bahakti

  6. Anonymous says:

    What a great review thank you MS.S. I actually bought a pique bhakit yoga jacket after reading your review. It looks better on you than on the model 🙂

  7. Anonymous says:

    Got my pique Bhakti and the two henleys I ordered to try, and I'm not really loving any of it. The Bhakti looks and fits alright for the most part, but there is seemingly some weird extra fabric at the nape of the neck that I can't get rid of no matter how I position the jacket on my body, adjust the collar, etc. The henleys feel very nice but seem extremely delicate. The fit is ok – slim fitting but not tight like the model on the site in my regular size. Shorter than pictured, though. I wasn't wowed by them for $108.

    • Ms. S says:

      I think the back neck area of the bhakti is a little long, so if you don't have a really long neck it will bunch a bit there. I didn't notice it until you mentioned it, so I went and looked and it does fold a bit there but not enough to bother me too much. But yeah, the fit isn't perfect. I just thought it was cozy and I liked the contrasting textures of it. Sorry the henley didn't work for you either!

    • Anonymous says:

      I have 3 bhakti jackets and the back neck area bunches up a bit on me too, but this doesn't bother me, it doesn't look that bad, in my opinion. The neck on the bhakti jackets is supposed to be more like a scarf effect around the neckline, so it's gong to be a bit bunchier considering that.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I'd keep the circadian tee and gator green define. The fit on the rest is just ok.

  9. I have the herringbone define and absolutely love it ? it's chic enough to wear with skinny jeans for work. The tee is also lovely on you! I am personally not a fan of the Bhakti, reminds me too much of a Bench jacket I already have.

  10. I really like the Space Dye Twist Power Y, but I'd rather have it in the crops. I think it's rumored to be coming soon?

    • Anonymous says:

      I have the Space Dye Twist Regal Plum Define and think it's a great fall piece, love it. I really like the Power Y as well, but they don't work for me, unfortunately. I'd absolutely love the crops… haven't seen any sign of them here in Canada… hopefully soon though… If they ever make it here, I may end up having two pieces in this texture/colour… not to be worn together, of course!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the reviews Ms S! Everything looks great on you! I especially like the Gator Green Define and the Cranberry Top. Have you decided on which pieces you're going to keep yet? I can see that would be a tough decision!

    • Ms. S says:

      I'm still not sure! So far the only thing I've returned is the henley. I am waiting on the fatigue green bhakti (which shipped from Washington so it's taking ages to arrive) and think I'll do another try-on once it arrives and then make a final decision on the jackets. I did wear the cranberry circadian SS yesterday though – love it!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Ms S, I have a question for you, if you don't mind… I ordered the WUC III in the same texture/pattern/colour as the Bhakti Jacket you have, my order should be in by Wednesday, but am feeling very curious about what they might be like! Just wondering if you can tell me what you think of this fabric for crops? How stretchy or non stretchy is it, etc…

    • Ms. S says:

      Well I would say this fabric is soft and very stretchy. It's not as soft or thick as the herringbone fabric, but I think the thickness would actually suit a crop nicely because it's thick enough to feel substantial but not too thick as to feel overly hot. Hope that helps!

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you, that was helpful! I have the herringbone define jacket, so now this gives me an idea on what this fabric is like – can't wait until they get here now – will probably wear them with legwarmers and boots this fall. Thanks again!

  13. Jessie says:

    Yay thank you for this, so helpful!!

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