Product Drop Monday/Fit Review: Pretty Plume Angel Wing Dance To Yoga Tank

Dance To Yoga Tank Pretty Plume Angel Wing

This is my TTS 10 in the Dance To Yoga Tank which is my usual Cool Racerback size. I liked this tank because of the print and the softness of the luon but I didn’t love how short it was and I didn’t care for the open mesh back. Something about this luon light is incredibly soft compared to the usual printed luon so I brought this tank home but I think I’m just hanging on to it to compare it to the upcoming Amala Tank in this print.  Also, I want to see what this tank looks like with my luon bottoms vs. my jeans which tend to be more unforgiving of my mid section. The print varies and I was lucky that my size came in the darker wing towards the bottom ‘problem areas’ and the lighter wing is up top. All the others on the rack had the reverse. 

What I didn’t love about the mesh back is that it scoops so low and highlights the below bra area. The inner bra is not super supportive so really although it says it’s for B/C cups, I’d say it’s for young or very perky C cups. I tried this on with my regular none sports bra underneath and it didn’t feel as compressive layered over another bra as a Power Y would feel. 

Dance To Yoga Tank Pretty Plume Angel Wing

Dance To Yoga Tank Pretty Plume Angel Wing

My store didn’t get these in but another Vancouver area store got the Wunder Under Crop II in Pretty Plume Angel Wing. Thanks to Ms. R for sharing her photo.  My store did get the Picnic Play Dress (I grabbed it to try on but it was too hard to figure out the straps – maybe tomorrow). The PP Dress in my size had a huge mascara stain on the front too so I knew I wasn’t going to be bringing that one home anyways so I didn’t bother. There was also the City Summer Dress, a fold over waist Dance Wunder Under Crop, new Scubas in Dashing Purple and Angel Wing.

Wunder Under Crop II in Pretty Plume Angel Wing

Wunder Under Crop II in Pretty Plume Angel Wing

  1. Ooh, thanks for the review! That Dance to Yoga tank caught my eye too. I think it looks awesome on you! The shorter length was something I was concerned about the first time I saw it. And I almost wish it didn't have an inner bra at all because I just personally prefer to pair my own sports bras with tops (that way I can be assured of proper fit and support). I definitely want SOMETHING in that print – just not sure what!

    1. Thanks!! I think I'll keep it if a CRB doesn't show in it. I can't commit to pants in this print but I love the print so I need something small in it.

  2. WTH is happening with the website? They almost just lost a customer over a "cancelled return" email for a $128 item that reached the warehouse over two weeks ago – fortunately they followed up with another email indicating that it's a problem with the system before I had a chance to voice my displeasure. How hard is it to have a functional website? This bodes horribly for tomorrow.

    1. That sounds really awful, but glad it worked out for you in the end. I've noticed the site is acting up the last couple of days and have been wanting to place an order but hesitant to do so when it's doing this.

  3. The Pretty Plume Tank looks great on you Lulumum!

    I've had my eye on both the Dashing Purple and the Angel Wing Scuba Hoodies since the US got them! Do you think they'll be uploaded to the Canadian site tomorrow or will they be in store only?

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