This is the new SE Wunder Under Pant  Dance that was at my store today as well as the new colors in the Ebb To Street Tank. I wish I’d noticed the cute leg detailing on these because I thought it was just the fold over skirt waist and didn’t bother trying them on. Now I’m intrigued. 

SE Wunder Under Pant  Dance

SE Wunder Under Pant  Dance

SE Wunder Under Pant  Dance

Ebb To Street Tank

  1. Ok, I think we've reached peak gratuitous leg hole…when I think ventilation, I'm not thinking "yeah, I'd really like two oddly placed holes right under the backs of my knees!" This is even weirder than their over-obsession with mesh. These would be cute otherwise.

  2. As I live and breathe a new Ebb to Street tank! And in Iris Flower, no less, which has to be one of my favorite recent Lulu colors. I have only ONE (black) and I love it but they haven't released any in ages.

    As for the pants…it's a cute detail but definitely a little odd. I think I need a rear view zoomed out shot to get a better sense of it.

  3. I really like the look of the Ebb to Street Tank and also the material it's made from, but unfortunately Lulus tanks with built in bras do not work for me 🙁 I wish they could make this same style without the built in bra too!

  4. My store had the ebb to street tank in the iris flower which I snagged they also got gator green, grapefruit, and a cool black/gray stripe! I tried on the new WUC SE with the skirt..did not care for it at all..the placement of the opening in the back of the calf was unattractive on me and the skirt was too short..just covering my butt

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