1. I do hope they come out with a ftbw with black white stripes and pink straps or vice versa. Reminds me of the sea wheeze items

  2. Can we please get a full list of the items included in the newest recall that they announced today. I believe all Dance Studio Jackets are included but am not sure what other items are included. I think I may have a scuba that fits the criteria but am not sure.

    1. I'll dig up the list for you but I did see it earlier and I can tell you it's not exhaustive. They are replacing any pull cord that is elastic so if you have anything that is a top with a stretchy cord and metal or plastic end they will give you a new none stretchy cord.

  3. LLM, What country are the Pace rival pattern crops and the Running in the city tanks featured? I don't see either on the US or CAN websites? Are they coming in these patterns? Have they been spotted in stores?
    I've been wanting to try the Run stuff your bra for awhile now and would definitely get the black/white grapefruit color featured if it comes to Canada. It seems we keep waiting on a few items that never quite get here…

    1. All US stores in those two lovely prints. Canada just got the Iris Flower ones and I think black.
      Love that Stuff Your Bra.

  4. Got my black pace rival crops in the mail today. Just my experience – if you're in between sizes and prefer more compression, you might want to size down. Or just get whatever size you wear in the Inspire crops. I wear a 6 in Run Top Speed crops and Wunder Under crops, and a size 4 in seamless styles (In the Flows, Seamlessly Streets, Ebb to Streets). I ordered a 6 in the pace rivals and while they fit fine, there's not much compression. I especially noticed the thighs felt a little too comfortable if you know what I mean, and usually my thighs are my problem area. I have 1 pair of Inspire crop IIs in a size 4 which initially I thought might be a little too snug but after comparing them to the 6 in the pace rivals tonight, I much prefer them. Again, just my 2 cents!

    PS – got the Run Stuff Your Bra in the stripe/flash and I am over the moon by how comfy and cute it is. If you're on the fence about this bra, get it!! I found it a little looser than my others, but still TTS.

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