I just wanted to share some real life photos of my new Nike Pegasus 32’s which I just picked up at my mail depot in the US. In LOVE with these! I’m surprised how good these feel on compared to Nike Frees which I’ve never been a big fan of. They just feel more substantial and like a true running shoe. I think they will work well for transitioning into my Seawheeze training. I will definitely give you a proper review once I’ve worn them out for various runs. 

And since it’s a day of frivolous prettiness I thought I’d share my new Starbucks Cold Cup Tumbler I picked up this morning. My local Starbucks had three in this morning which I spotted before school drop off and then about an hour later I decided I needed it and when I went back they only had the one left. Apparently the other surrounding stores are all sold out. I haven’t seen it online on the Canada or US online store yet but if you spot it let us know in the comments. 

Nike Pegasus Photosynthesis


Starbucks Cold Cup Tumbler Matte Hot Pink


  1. Just curious, as someone who loves to run in my Nike Frees, are these going to feel much heavier in comparison?

    1. They will for sure- frees have the bare minimum cushioning, because they were designed for your body to run how it would if you were barefoot. Pegusas, although still a neutral shoe, is a mid-cushion category shoe, so not as much cushion as the Vomero, but more then the Frees.

    2. Hence, they will feel slightly heavier. The extra cushioning and support is better for running longer distances, unless you are a very efficient runner.

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