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Fit Review: True Self Crops, True Self Bra

June 8, 2015

I got to my store this morning and they had some of the new product in. The True Self Crops are so awesome and pretty in person. I ALMOST got them but hesitated over a pretty minor nit. On the lighter orange blocks of colors are some darker shadow patches that form part of the print and from far away those dark shadow areas of the print made it look like some weird body dimpling going on. Now that I’m home I feel like I was being really picky about that because the pants are truly gorgeous in person and very opaque thanks to the back double panel of fabric. you can let me know what your opinions of the shadows in the print in the comments section below.  These are my TTS 10 and they fit very well. The waist is pretty high, probably as high as the High Times Pant or Roll Down Wunder Under Crops. I really love the lattice detailing on the lower calf too. I’ll definitely pick up the Cool Racerback in this print when it’s out. 

True Self Crops




 you can see the shadowing on the print here and I think you can see how weird that looks in the above photo. 


Here you can see the print shadow on my right thigh. 


The inner fabric construction with the double fabric panel. 


True Self Bra

I picked up the True Self Bra in my TTS 10. I’m a 36B/C cup (depending on the weather) and this fit more modestly than a Free To Be Wild Bra since the bra panel is wider. I would call it definitely less supportive than an Energy Bra and not something I’d wear for running but I do like it for wearing with an open back tank. I was told by an ed that a girl was just in who was a D cup and she purchased the size 8 but I think if you are larger than a C cup YMMV on this one. Definitely try it out because it’s better than the Free To Be Wild for larger cups but you may still have spillage. 



Surf Shorts

I went to my store yesterday after Lulu Addicts tip off that the Surf Shorts now come in a size 12 but they didn’t have them in and they had not even heard that it was available in a 12. They did a search online for me and it appeared that it was only made to a size 10, but today, low and behold, they had a fresh stock of size 12’s. I’m a size 10 but in these shorts I definitely need to size up to a 12….and they are still more bathing suit bottoms than they are shorts. But I do love them, especially in this print, so I brought them home.

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17 responses to “Fit Review: True Self Crops, True Self Bra”

  1. Robyn Lewis says:

    Omg those crops were insanely sheer for me was alllllll bad

    • Lulumum says:

      At first I thought it was sheerness that I was seeing but on close inspection it was actually that shadow part of the print. Why would they add that?

  2. Paige says:

    I can't jump on board with that print. It's too all over the place. I need symmetry.

    • Lulumum says:

      yah I think I'm with you on that for bottoms. I'll probably get the CRB and forget about the crops entirely.

  3. Paige says:

    I can't jump on board with that print. It's too all over the place. I need symmetry.

  4. Sophie says:

    Sorry if I missed this, but does the true self bra come with space for removable cups? I like the look of it, but I'm definitely concerned about the lack of support. If they made an energy or FTBW bra in this print I'd be all over it! Thanks for all the pics of the crops! I do like the print, but totally see what you mean about that weird shadowy effect. I'm also concerned because in one or 2 other photos, I *think* I could see the outline of the ladies panties on the front side of the pant…personally I'd like ALL my bits covered with a double layer of fabric TYVM!!

    • Lulumum says:

      Yes, there are slots for cups. I did have to specifically ask for the cups to be included though. I see they are back to not including the cups unless you ask.

      Yes, I'm reading mixed reports. Some say sheer, some say opaque. For me they were opaque but I'd have to give it a real challenge test in full sunlight with my husband checking things out.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I don't think it's a minor nit at all! I don't care for the shadowy part of the design and I don't think it even adds interest to the print. Pass for me!

  6. Anonymous says:

    wow those crops are nice! I wonder if they will have a CRB or other tank in the print? If not I may be tempted to get crops even thought I typically don't like crazy patterns on bottoms – LOL and I just recently got heat waves, pigment multi print high times and regal plum crops — not to mention the striped speeds from christmas. And now I can't stop buying coloured bottoms — it was cheaper to just buy an occasional top with a cool print or a cool colour —yikes! Do you remember how much the crops were?

  7. yogibabe says:

    I like it on you LLM, but I am a "crazy bottom" kinda person. 😛
    How much is the crop and also the bra?

    • Lulumum says:

      The bra was $58. The crops I am not 100% sure on. I thought I got a pic of the tag but didn't. I think they were $98.

  8. Anonymous says:

    That print design is a defect to me – it does cause weird shadowy/dimply looking areas where-ever it touches! At least it's consistent lol. I think it is the combo of color and shading that makes it stand out so much. You have done fit reviews on many other Lulu bottoms that really flatter you – the fit on these looks good but the pattern does not. Could you do a fit review on the surf shorts? I love the cross court petal pattern but I'm worried they'd ride up or shift with wear!

  9. stylistadiva1 says:

    I wouldn't say the shadowing is a deal breaker in purchasing since it's pretty much throughout. In the photos it does look like something was spilled on it, but I don't know if I'd notice unless I was really looking for it. They are super pretty – suitable for running?

    • Lulumum says:

      I think they are suitable for running but we are in the middle of a heat wave so it was hard to consider them for that. Probably another reason that contributed to me passing on them.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Not a nit LLM, I would have passed on them too as I think it makes them look dirty. Like you haven't washed them in a while. Pass for me too but if a CRB comes out in that print I will probably jump on it as long as it doesn't have that shadowing.

  11. lulu says:

    Shadowing ruins it for me too.I believe you made the right call! I will wait for a top in the print as well..Did they have the crop in other colors?

    • Lulumum says:

      Thanks! Yah I'm sure now too.
      They had black, and the print in a grey/black version, and a heathered slate.

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