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Lulumum Has a New Address

May 30, 2015

Hey my lovely readers,  I just wanted to share that I have a new blog URL address. My new address is I would have loved to buy my domain but some clever jerk is squatting it right now and will sell it back to me for $3197. That is simply not within the lulumum budget right now so I’ll just wait and hope the squatter eventually forgets to renew and it become reasonably priced again. Although that person has been holding hostage for a few years now and dutifully renews it. For now, my new address is lululemonblogger but my blog name remains the same. If you enter my old blog address in accidentally it will still redirect you to the right place but if you have me bookmarked please bookmark my new address. Let me know if you encounter any problems with this address change.;USwhats-new

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5 responses to “Lulumum Has a New Address”

  1. Anonymous says:

    opportunistic jerk!

    • Lulumum says:

      I know! Around December they had it priced at $2000 but they've upped the price again. I'd love to know who it is that is squatting it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sorry to be unkind, but what a LOSER!!! J

  3. Samantha says:

    Ugh what a A-hole. The good news (for me, at least) is that my office blocks anything with "blogspot" in the web address, so I think i'll be able to read your blog again while at work!! 😀 😀 😀

  4. Anonymous says:

    Your new blog opening page looks great! Great opportunity to freshen things up – you can thank the squatter! Keep up the good work – I love to read it as I am fairly new (1 yr +) and amassed 150 pieces already – YIKES! Tuesday's awesome colours will get me in trouble!!! Grapefruit, Iris, Dragonfly, Pistachio to mention a few …. hope they aren't just swiftlys – hope we get CRBs, thought I think Kaitlin said none this week – boooo that means I have to hold onto what I get for the subsequent upload so I can exchange!!! I still have some things I bought a month ago that I have not worn yet…not sure what I am waiting for….just not enough classes to get it all in! The Ace dresses and tanks/tops were not the hit I expected …LOL. I personally love the stuff but wonder if they will get marked down soon – like the biking stuff — I think within 3 weeks or so!

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