1. My store had sport singles in the dragonfly green and a striped purple which I assume may be iris and lullaby. I don't like the fit so I will wait for crb as I am not crazy about swiftly tanks. My fingers are crossed for grapefruit dragonfly and iris.

  2. does anyone know if the black visor was uploaded to the Canadian site yet? I would love one but worried that any colour other than black might get too dirty. Thanks!

  3. I love the pleat to street skirts – I have the bumbleberry stripe and the navy blue one. I wear the sea mist CRB with the navy skirt and it kinda looks like the colours in the banner – except they have poseiden instead of navy. I am not sure what i think of my poseidon CRB…kinda looks like a navy denimmy blue – not as rich as solid poseiden. I am hoping it will look good with a coral skirt I have from last year…if it were solid instead of heathered it would look much better….The only thing I do not like about pleat skirt is that it gets caught between my legs if I run. I sized down to minimize how much fabric there is, but even with a bit of a wind and walking to gym from car it gets caught. I do body pump and it is ok for that (I pull my snug CRB down to minimize the bouncy fabric when I am moving! LOL!

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