What We Love is up! We are warned by Katelin that this is going to be a BIG product drop and I believe it. We’ve previewed a few items here and there that have been released in single stores that I’m sure will all be uploaded on Tuesday. For example, Canada must be getting the Pigment Wave Sculpt Tank and High Times as the Richmond store got it in yesterday. And a few US stores are showing the Regal Plum In Flux Jacket and new Regal Plum Chevron Ebb To Steet Pants. And of course the Pigment Wave Speed Shorts and probably the white Cyber Stripe High Times for Canada finally (purely speculating – no intel on that one!). Plus, I’m also hearing that the product hold up at the ports has finally been released to stores so we should see some of that too. 

Preview of the Wake & Flow Camisole



  1. As somebody new to LLL preview sites and with no knowledge of what this "port hold up" was. Did the port delays affect mainly winter apparel or…? I'm going to go do a search now to find out more. I hope next Tuesday's release isn't too painful on my pocketbook and that the HK stores have some of the stuff.

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