I made it to my store this morning before my husband had to dash to work so he was able to watch the kids. What a bonus that the stores where open early!! My store opened at 8am and I got there about 10 minutes before opening and there was no lineup so I was very happy about that. Sales where pretty good – I got a Bumble Berry 105F singlet for $29 which I’ve been wanting for a while now, and my best find was the Black Bust A Move Jacket for $99 (from $178!).  Sadly the Wrap It Up Sweater wasn’t marked down but I am happy with my two finds today. I tried on the new Jet Crops (just the plain black) and I’m pretty sure I need the size down in those as they were very baggy and pouchy around my waist. The Power Date Dress was really pretty but a disaster on me – I definitely need a size up in that because of the way the seam at the waist cuts in. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to try on the other new items but I will try to be back tomorrow for some proper fit reviews. 

No Camo Festival Bags in store yet. I think they will be released on Monday. 

I also ended up exchanging my Giant Herringbone Define Jacket for my size up. I forgot that my Define size is different from my Forme size and that I needed to size up in it. I didn’t see the Herringbone Define on the floor but when I asked for a size up to do the exchange they were able to find it for me so I think its just not unboxed yet. 

Anyways, I’m super happy with my Bust A Move Jacket. It’s one of those items I’ve admired for a long time but the full price wasn’t something I wanted to pay for a design that’s a bit out of my comfort zone. I really wanted the Urbanite Blazer from a few years ago which is very similar but the Bust A Move is so close to it in style that I couldn’t pass it up at such a great price. 

Items I spotted on sale:  Sweat-er Once A Day was $149 (not a great markdown), lots of Herringbone and Heathered Blue Turn Around Tights for $49, 105F Singlets for $29, Tons of Twist and Turn Tanks, Bordeaux Stride Jacket, Inky Floral Black Tracker Shorts for $29 (those tempted me) and many other shorts for $29

Scoop Back LS, Jet Crops

Shine Tight Roll Down Shimmy Shine

 City Tank

 Party Bomb Jacket, Core Set Bra

Lab Shadow Jacket

Flouncey Tee

Power Date Dress

Jet Crop


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