Tons of new goodies on Britt’s Picks for the upcoming double uploads. Uploads next week are happening on Sunday night after dinner time (for Cyber Monday), and Thursday. After that, uploads are Tuesday/Thursday until Christmas. 

Liking this Mind And Body Kit in Savasana Camo. 

The Pranayama scarf is so beautiful. I got one it the red plaid print and I’ve used it tons which is great for someone that never wears scarves and cannot make vinyasas work. If you’ve been on the fence on the Pranayama – get it!

Love this Furry Fighter Pullover. Tech fleece is a bit much for me though so unless it comes in Pigment I’m going to pass on it. If it comes in Pigment, I’ll wear it year round. 

People have been really hoping that the Fluff Of Pullovers would make a comeback this year. I predict these will fly off the shelves. I’m not a down pullover kinda person so I’m passing on these. 

Giant Herribone is just amazing. I’m not totally certain what it is that makes it so much nicer than regular Herringbone. Maybe it’s just because it’s more Herringbone!

I have a friend who adores lulu onesies like these and she rocks them. Wears them to the gym with a tee shirt over the top, and she dresses them up with heels and a nice jacket. I’m going to have to text her when this pops up online. 

I just picked up a 105F Singlet at the Robson Store (Coquitlam doesn’t have it) in this exact color. It is so gorgeous on and in person. I exchanged my Cool Racerback for it and I’m really glad I did. I was worried it was just a plain grey tank, but no, it is so much more than just plain grey. 


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