by Cristina

More Chilly Chill Puffy Vest, Awesoma Henley, Flip Your Dog Onesie

August 29, 2014

Are you tired of seeing lots of Chilly Chill Puffy Vests? I hope not because I’m not. I’m having trouble deciding on what color to keep. I was able to score a White/Inky Floral size 10 (the last in my size) at the Robson Lululemon which is the only store that has all the colors, so right now its between Inkwell and Ghost, or possibly the Black/Gigham although that would require hunting down again and I don’t think I have the energy. 

Incidentally, the new Robson St. location is now so much more convenient. I used to avoid going there because the parking was pretty much only crowded meter street parking (try parallel parking downtown in a minivan). In the summer I’d sometime walk there from my Dr.’s appointments which where maybe a mile away but that was a treck with kids. The new location has a big parkcade 1/3 of the block down and it cost me $3 which wasn’t too bad. 

Awesoma Henley

Flip Your Dog Onesie

This one is weird. I had to inspect it in store to see how the top attaches and it only attaches in the back. 

Empress Mala Designs

Empress Mala Designs