Find Your Centre Wrap

I would have probably given the Find Your Centre Wrap much more interest if the price wasn’t $138 (much more than any other cotton french terry wrap has been), and if it wasn’t offered at the same time as Seawheeze Merch, Chilly Chill Puffy Vests, Bumble Berry items and all the other goodies we’ve seen over the past 2 weeks. I find a lot of people are complaining over the price of the vest ($168) but that is the price all down vests have been from LLL which is in line with other brands that use high loft down vs. polyester fill. I find $168 on quality outerwear much more palatable than $168 for the Here To There Dress, or $138 for a cotton french terry wrap. YMMV though and you may get tons of use out of the Here To There Dress if you wear it to work often, or the wrap for a milder winter location while I think I will get a ton of use out of the vest. 

 Wide Legged Wonder Pant

Herringbone Wunder Under Pant

Cute outfit with the Herringbone Wunder Under Pant, The Sweater Life, Chilly Chill Puffy Vest

 5 Year Yogini SS, Chilly Chill Puffy Vest, new striped Wunder Unders *Denim

Chilly Chill Puffy Vest

The Black Gin Gin Gingham Chilly Chill Puffy Vest is very cute paired with the Bumble Berry Wunder Under Crops and Awesoma Henley

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