I’ve been terrible at keeping up with this post but today I wore something a little ‘flashy’ that got some compliments at the box so I thought I’d share. Green Bean 105F Singlet, white energy bra, roll down wunder Under crops. 

After the warmup today (bunch of running drills) we did one armed dumbell snatches which are harder at a lower weight than regular snatches. I worked up to 35lbs and did 3 rounds of 8. 

The workout was DU/Snatch ascending ladder for  7 minutes:
20 Double Unders (or 40 Singles) and 1 Snatch @65lbs

20 Double Unders, 2 snatch

20 double unders, 3 snatch etc. etc.

I managed to just get in 7 rounds and at one point I had to run back and get a different jump rope because the one I got was slightly too short and I was getting calf pain from jumping up so high. I still don’t have double unders (nor have I practiced them) so I did the 40 singles for the workout. Someday I’ll care about double unders but for now I feel like its just a timing thing and I’d rather practice other skills.


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