Todays workout was all kids of mean to my legs and I’m already feeling it. The tech work was pistol progressions and at the box I managed to get them in with a small 5lb plate under my heels. We also did candlesticks and box step ups as progression. I wanted to get a picture of it at home (so that my crossfit post pictures can be a bit more exciting) but my camera is super slow so I didn’t get a very good shot of it in before collapsing, plus I had to use my book (Rainbow Rowell, Fangirl in case you’re curious) to elevate my heels. The workout itself was 8 minutes AMRAP of front rack lunges (ouch!!!) and everytime you drop the weight for a rest you must do 5 burpees. I did 65lbs but only managed to get in 55 lunges and a ton of water breaks and ponytail adjustments and overall avoidance. 

OOTD: Jewelled Magenta Bang Buster and Jewelled Magenta WAFS Cool Racerback. Black Camo Denim Wunder Unders. 


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