Petite Dot Fresh Teal, Pop Orange and Faded Zap Street To Studio Jacket, Practice Freely Tanks

I’m guessing tonights upload will be disappointing for me since I’m pretty much only after Very Green items now. Initially I really wanted the Faded Zap CRB but I’ve been told by a few people that spotted them today that it’s polyestery and has dots all over it as does the Fresh Teal one. I’m thinking the new swim line will be uploaded tonight as well and they probably wont want to upload too many competing items. They get one shot to make an impression with the swim line as it’s probably going to be final sale, and there will be no reviews up or reported impressions of the line. I wont be ordering any of the swim line but if I try it on in store and it blows me away, you just never know. 

Practice Freely Tank in Petite Dot Fresh Teal

Checked this one out today and the inner bra is pretty polyestery. 

new Vino To Vinyasa Bag colors today

Street To Studio Jackets in Pop Orange and Faded Zap

Liberate Tank with Street To Studio Jacket

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