I was just informed that the Vancouver Lululemon Factory Outlet  effective April 21st. I can’t say I’m terribly surprised or upset as I’ve always found the outlet to be mismanaged in terms of driving sales. In the past two years I’ve made more stops at the Burlington outlet in the US than I have to the Vancouver area outlet which is a heck of a lot closer to me (around a 2 hour drive closer!). Yet I still have never purchased anything at the Burlington outlet either. Reasons that have deterred me from shopping at the Vancouver outlet has been that I find better sales at regular stores, I mostly see large runs of damaged items or bad runs of garments marked down by a tiny amount. Seems like the last stop before the lulu graveyard most of the time. Items that are sewn incorrectly, are too sheer to go to market, have dye issues, etc. The store is tiny, has no bathrooms nearby, it’s in an industrial area going thru a lot of construction so very congested traffic and frankly, the prices have to be killer for me to forego the two week return policy.

What do you locals think about the only Vancouver area outlet closing down? 


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  1. November 8, 2016 / 1:05 am

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