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Store Report and The Latest: Intuition Sweater, Sweater Knit WU’s and Free To Be Tank

October 16, 2012

I tried on the Intuition Sweater today and I have to say the sweater could have had potential. If only it didn’t have the dumb arm holes at the bottom hem and this wasn’t a multi wear sweater it really did look nice worn like a long cardi. It’s way, way over priced and the amount of ways you can wear it is really limited to three (long cardi, short cardi shown below or vest with sleeves as belt) you can’t even wear it as a wrap unfortunately. I would have preferred a regular long cardi, priced at around $100 and without the gimmick of faux multi wear. Poo!! 

I managed to use my weird gift card without a pin # in store today. The lovely Ed didn’t know why I got one that looked like that but it definitely still worked at the till. I picked up the Herringbone WU’s which has a Rose/Alberta Lake/Black inner waistband. The outside of the pants are regular black herringbone. So that solves the mystery as to why they are listed the way they are on the website. I got my TTS, size 10 and they are perfect. I don’t feel like they are a size up item but they are wonderfully compressive and smooths everything out. I found the ankles were a bit tough getting up over my feet but  once on they were totally fine and I just folded the hems up. 

I also had a look at the two new Cool Racerbacks. The black Macro/Micro striped one felt the same as the black swan/pow pink/pop orange solid Cool Racerbacks. Mostly nylon with a touch of polyester (17% I think it was?). Not soft, but not polyestery either. I like the way these solid CRB’s fit me so it wasn’t a problem but the print didn’t entice me much in person. The other one there was the polar cream/silver slate Micro Macro and it was the same composition. 

I tried on the Heart Opener Tank in a size down since that was all that was out at that point and it was super adorable on.TTS will have a nice slouchy fit. Had I seen it in my size (the Alberta Lake one) I would have definitely had an impulse purchase on my hands. I’m glad it wasn’t in though because it’s not something I’ve budgeted for. 

Sweater Knit Black Swan Wunder Unders are polyestery, shiny and very, very sheer. trust me, I’ve seen a picture of them and they are sheer city. I just hate the shiny polyestery WU’s too. they have such a weird look to them with that shine that even if they aren’t sheer it does look like you are completely nude. All curves are accentuated with the sheen. No black swan herringbone WU’s where in stock but I think I prefer the basic black anyways. 

Not everything from the upload was in store today. I would have loved to have tried on the Clutch Coat  or the Run: Turn Around for size. I’m hearing that the Run: Turn Around fits very snug so that is making me really sad. I was going to replace one of my run jackets with the Turn Around  but that seems unlikely now. 

Inner Waistband of the Herrinbone Black/Rose Herringbone Black WU’s

Intuition Sweater with the Sweater knit WU’s, and Free to Be Tank 

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