Seriously pissed off tonight. I have a gift card I was planning on using (from a return on an item due to a quality issue), and I went all the way to checkout only to discover my card has no pin # on it. Boo!! I went ahead and ordered the Herringbone Wunder Unders I’ve been wanting but they are mislabelled so who knows what I’ll be getting. The picture looks like Herringbone WUs but the label says Black Rose Herrinbone. Maybe they are reversible? I feel cranky about this. I also liked the look of the wool Clutch Coat…but then I looked over at the Run: Turn Around Jacket for just a few dollars more and $178 for a wrap just didn’t add up. Oh…and then I remembered to read up on the ‘why we made this’ on the Turn Around Jacket and despite product alerts and hang tags today stating it is 800 Power Fill (admittedly too good to believe) and it is in fact 650 Power Fill.

*sigh* what did you guys order tonight? did this upload make anyone else this cranky?? Anyone order the Sit and Be Still Pants or the 3X A Lady Jacket??

Oh helz no!! Get the puck out of here with these prices. $128 for a scarf???


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