Pretty Pink Tonka Stripe Cool Racerback with 

Low Rider Pants in Bordeaux

 I’m liking these pants. They look like another Still Pant mash up (Like the Will Pants) but this mashes the Still Pants with the Tea Cozy Pants. 

 Aphrodite Tank paired with the Bordeaux Studio Pants

 Run: Star Runner SS in Bordeaux Tonka Stripe

 Aphrodite Tank in Angel Blue with Low Rider Pants. 

I’m loving these Run: Track Time Crops in Bordeaux and am toying with the idea of selling my Run: Chase Me Crops (which I only use for running) in order to get these for Crossfit. I did get a few items in Bordeaux already though so I don’t want to get too many items… but these are so gorgeous and sleek with the pretty pink contrasting. 

 I briefly looked at these Cool Racerback Bonded Seam today and really didn’t care for them. I think they are quite different from last years version of the bonded seam CRB as this one is also seamless in the straps, so totally seamless. The straps are basically folded over and glued together which creates some lumpyness in the area where you would normally have a neat and tidy seam at the top of your shoulder. If you hated the heathered angel though this would probably be an adequate replacement since it is solid and you could probably wear it inside out to get rid of the unsightly black line down the one side. Admittedly although I adore my Heathered Power Purple CRB, after about 5-6 wears it is pilling horribly in the underarm area. Horribly!!!! I will take it in to get depilled as I’m not sure how the fabric will hold up to the depiller. 

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