New Disclaimer on Sheerness of Wunder Unders

Can you believe this new disclaimer that comes with the Wunder Unders? I’m kind of shocked that this is the solution to the increasing sheerness in the luon bottoms rather than returning to the old, more superior quality luon blends. I can’t imagine it will be economical in the long run for them to have to take returns on items due to sheerness (within the two week period of course) rather than selling an item once and having the customer satisfied with their purchase. Those products returned at the two week period are more likely to end up at outlet due to the quick product change over, and it will also cost them the shipping to and from in some cases. 

This disclaimer about the color transfer is even funnier to me in light of the admission on the Q2 earnings call that it has been in fact a quality issue. Still though, the onus is on the customer to ‘care for your brights’ even though we know the dyes they used are simply not adhering to the fabric and not only causing transfer but significant fading.

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