Good lord that was  the armageddon of shopping today. I got in the Sea Wheeze store at about 8:30am today (30 minutes after opening once I got my registration taken care of) and every item on my list and the wish list of the few people I had agreed to grab things for was sold out. It was hectic and stressful and I wish I had the luxury to shop today without dragging my poor kids along but unfortunately it just didn’t work out that way. I’m hoping to try again tomorrow after the race, but I’m not hopeful there will be much left or that I’ll have the energy to endure it post race.  People were purchasing boxes of items. There were people all over the place with piles and piles of clothes that they were sorting and counting for friends which is probably why everything sold out so quickly. I was really wanting a blue striped CRB but those were gone instantly. On the plus side though I did grab two plum striped Swiftly’s and they are the softest swiftly material I have ever felt and the color is just gorgeous. I also got this bag which was super pricey and not a purchase I can easily justify but I just couldn’t leave it behind. People were buying multiples of this bag so they flew quickly as well. I think there were also a lot of items made in the smaller size runs that were not made in the size 8 and 10, and there were no size 12 items which was sad because I like to size up in shorts so I would have gotten myself a pair. 

 The Native Shoes Lululemon Sea Wheeze Flip Flops  are so totally adorable. I’m really excited about getting these for free. Really comfortable and cushy!

 This is the Plum striped Swiftly I got. There was also an orange version and a lime green version. I think this is looser and stretchier then my regular Swiftly’s and with the lines it almost looks like the plum Turnaround LS

 The CRB’s were all luxtreme. The solid colors were racing length and the striped version I could only find the orangy red version, a very small few of the lime and this one. No blue in site. 

 Groovy Runs. There was also a Speed Short version in this plaid. 

I stood in about 4 lineups today. This was the lineup to get in right before check in. It was about 20 minutes long. The second lineup was check in which was about 20 minutes. 3rd line was my mistake. I waited for 40 minutes in a lineup that I thought was to pay but it turned out it was a fitting room lineup. I could have cried right along with my kids at that point but I persevered and found the check out lineup which was insane. It wrapped around the ballroom and snaked into 4-5 layers of partitioning and was at least 45 minutes long but probably longer then that. It’s all a blur now because my two year old was screaming like the exorcist girl causing some people to look at me kindly and others to scowl. 

 My kids thought this guy was hilarious

 Each ‘lung tree’ was a size station. There wasn’t a ton on each station and all the sizes were scattered about so the 8 was on one end and 10’s were opposite which made shopping between the two difficult. There was a lot of ‘stuff’ but not a lot of selection. I’m told they didn’t plan on things selling out as quickly as they did.

‘a’ personal shopper 

 Outside for fresh air finally! There were some cute mascots around. This guy scared my kids a little. At the bottom of the picture you can see the hammock made of lululemon straps. All of the lounge furniture was made out of recycled lululemon items by a company called debrand 

 Massage and manicure station

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