New!! Carry and Go Hoodie, Coco Softshell, Pedal Power Tight, Pedal Power LS, and Pedal Power Rain Jacket

Oh poop! These new items are adorable but I’m now broke for the month thanks the Sea Wheeze. No wonder when I ran into my local store Ed at the Sea Wheeze she asked me with a wink if I’d be in the store tonight. 

Carry and Go Hoodie

Cotton french terry

Coco Softshell 

Oh my this is adorable. Lined with fleece. 

Pedal Power Tights

Luon and 3 pockets

Pedal Power LS

made of RULU

Pedal Power Rain Jacket

Reversible rain protection, packs away into it’s own belt

 This is the jacket packed away into a belt


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