Sorry my pictures are all out of order today. Most of the color pairings for the Currant Wunder Unders have been white/black/grey but I’m hoping to see a really cute pairing like Dune/Currant or Caspian Blue/Ray/Currant or Power Purple/Currant. Something fun and exciting like that yet with current colors. 

 Caspian Blue Scuba and the really cute Discover Crops

 Currant Wunder Under pants and No Limit Tank in Blazer print

 really not liking the cut of this Run: Light as Air Sleeveless. Linebacker shoulders.

 and not liking the boxiness, wideness and ruffles of the Sun Runner Hybrid 

 The scubas: Currant, Portapotty and Caspian. I’m so excited about portapotty and hope we see Swiftly Techs and CRB’s in this color. 

Random: Lets take a counting break!

One exciting color pairing. Pop Orange and Currant

Run: Catch Me Tank

I really love this tank but you can see in the top picture what happens to the hem at the bust. I’m still deciding on mine because I otherwise love it. 


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