Tech work: 20 minutes to find 2 rep max for push press (about 65lbs for me today)
WOD: 10 minute AMRAP Pullup x 6, Push Press x 8 (I did 35lb), 10 situps. I managed 6 rounds.

I had a pretty awesome early morning crossfit class today. I need to remember how great it is getting to the 6am class and having my workout done early in the day. Getting up that early really sucks but honestly I’d be up shortly after anyways and so it’s nice getting it done so early and I need to do it more often. It just super sucks on the day after staying up late for upload Monday so Tuesdays are not my early crossfit days. My most favorite thing to wear on weight lifting days is this Heathered Coal extra long CRB. I love it because it covers my butt as I’m cleaning the weights. Not the most graceful maneuver if you are shy about wearing tights to class so the long CRB really helps. And I found a bra this morning that I totally forgot I had and just love how the Plum Cross My Heart Bra looks with Heathered Coal with Ray stitching, hence why I’m sharing my OOTD with you today. Hooray for shopping in my own closet and getting my butt out of bed this morning for a workout. 


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