Here are a couple of items uploaded to the Australian/New Zealand website that should be coming to North America soon. I’m now wondering if I should return the Swiftly SL in Pow Pink in favor of the v neck (I currently have none but love the fit of the v neck) or the LS which I also love.  

This one is listed as Pow Pink Light but I’m pretty certain it’s Pow Pink.
The other swiftly items look much lighter. 

Winter length tights. I like the high rise on these.

These items are previews uploaded on the International and Canada side of the website. 

Interesting running jacket. The structure and seaming really reminds me of a scuba hoodie

A new print. Not really excited about this one. Reminds me of crocodile skin

This print I am loving though. It sort of reminds me of the Elevation print of last winter

Yes! Power Purple. Come to me my pretty!!


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