Deep Indigo Slub Denim In Stride Jacket

This one is quite cute but denim slub luon isn’t exactly soft and cozy so it doesn’t tempt me. 

 Pow Pink Swiftly SL 

I’m liking this color in the swiftly material a lot. Not sure about the CRB though. 

Mirage Speed Shorts

Pop Orange Cool Racerback

I was in store today doing some returns and they had the pop orange and pow pink CRB’s out together. I didn’t much care for either color but I think it could have to do with not liking Pow Pink next to Pop Orange. I do really like the pink in the swiftly material though and I think sometimes if a color I like is displayed in a palette I don’t like it it makes me less interested in that color. We’ll see tomorrow if I like the color in a different context and away from Pop Orange. 


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