This is week 3 for me of disappointment in the Lululemon designs uploaded but I always like the Fall/Winter items much better anyways and luckily June is the beginning of the Fall items. I find I always stray from lulu over the summer (with the exception of good Cool Racerback Tanks) and get other items such as shoes, jeans, casual dressy items that still fit my lifestyle.  This past week I had some great shopping finds in Portland where I discovered the magical Nordstrom Rack and Saks Off Fifth and got myself some ridiculously cheep J Brand Jeans and a couple of Anthropologie tops and a really cute Zella hooded tee in ‘Power Purple’.  I urge you guys to not settle for simply ‘ok’ designs from Lululemon and sub par quality and branch out a bit when the styles get stale (6 months of flash!!! 10 items in tencil silk jersey!!! Harem pants x 12!!!!! No thin summer weight hoodies AT ALL! Where is the Cotton??). Seems silly to suggest that but when you love a brand it’s easy to get caught up in getting items just because there is nothing else exciting.  Pool that money and get something you wouldn’t normally splurge on. 

Anyways, thats my philosophy in light of all the feelings of disappointment I’m reading on the various Lululemon forums over these past few weeks. Trust me, I’m feeling the disappointment too but I’m using it as an opportunity to find something else that excites me and I’m saving my lulu bucks strictly for items that are special and made well and fit a need. 

Diversity Tank, Enlightened Pullover, Polocross Crops

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