Fit Review: Diversity Tank, Enlightenment Pullover and Length Comparison Power Y

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Enlightenment Pullover

I tried on the Enlightenment Pullover today because I love the knit fabric in this color but this top is horrendous. The fit is horrible and is super tight on my arms and especially in the arm openings, also the openings between the arms are way too far apart and wide so you get this pulling feeling in the armpits. Couldn’t work this one even if I loved the style. The style itself was really bad too, just way too much fabric that looked like a toga and it can’t even be tied. If you have a pear shape this will not work for you. If you love the style stick to your tts or size up.

Diversity Tank

This tank was a cute idea and I love the colors but if you are like me and have areas that need coverage the combination of vitasea light and a fitted style is not the best. It’s quite thin and delicate so be carefull taking this off. I would have preferred this in regular weight vitasea and also with a finished hem option and the gimmicky “hem your length” an option for the brave reckless. Leave the longer length with a hemmed edge that can be cut off shorter


the new Power Y on the left with the longer length. I find the new ones to be TTS where as the older version were more a size up if you weren’t comfortable with the length. The design is still “fitted” compared to the cool Racerback so I do not suggest sizing down at all, you will just find this new version more accurately sized and longer in length.




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