by Cristina

The Sea Wheeze Lululemon Half Marathon

March 17, 2012

Did you get your Sea Wheeze participant email today? Not a ton of new information but the Tacklebox Training Program that Lululemon will be hosting is set to begin on May 1st but the website will be released for viewing on April 27th. My inside sources tell me that the program will be really comprehensive and is designed by very elite runners from outside of lululemon. Also, If you register for the Sea Wheeze before May 1st you will receive a pair of speed shorts to use for your training. Unfortunately I’ll have to think about what to do with mine because shorts that short are a definite no go for me. I was hoping that the shorts would be for the more athletic thighed runner. Turbo Run Shorts I could at least use for casual wear but alas, I don’t wear shorts for running longer distances thanks to good ol’ chub rub. 

This is the GetSweaty Get Ready Pre Training Training program for those of you new to running. This will get you ready to start the Tacklbox Training program. I’m quite surprised it’s just 2 days a week running. I always find when I run 3-4 days a week my progression to the next level goes a lot smoother then when I have a 2 run week. It’s nice to start with something with a low time commitment though. 

The Sea Wheeze Lululemon Half Marathon 

Pre Training Training Program

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