**This is not a new CRB, these were dyed by the eds at this store**

Plaza Frontenac in the US just posted this series of photos and in them is a picture of a CRB tank with a watercolor print on it. We’ve seen a similar print in the latest Boogie Shorts but the swatch is so small it’s hard to tell if these are the same colors. I’ve also heard that that print is a watercolor floral like print so it’s possible this is a larger scale of that print…or it could just be a non lululemon tank. Any of you guys heading to this store this weekend care to check it out and report back?

And on an unrelated note, I watched The Real Housewives of Orange County last night and in it, Vicky was packing her suit case and folding up a black Pacesetter Skirt just like the one in the bottom picture of this post.

Also completely unrelated, do any of you guys read Crazy Days And Nights Blog? Are you following the Robert Downy Jr. leaving comments spilling Hollywood secrets as ‘Himmmm’ thing?  I’m a little torn. I see how it could just be a hoax..but I so want to believe RDJ is leaving anon comments on a blog. I love that guy. If you have no idea what I’m talking about you can check out this blog Jezebel for the rundown.


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