Sneak Peek From Down Unda: Lavender Dusk Ribbed Stripe CRB

Oooh this CRB will be mine!! This popped up in an Australian Product alert email and its the same ribbed stripe version of the CRB I wrote about yesterday with the picture of the Paris Pink. Items that arrive in Australian mostly do eventually come to North America for those of you asking yesterday. My We Are From Space printed Run: Chase Me Crops have Lavender Haze lines in the print so I’m definitely getting this one to pair with it and will pass on the Aquamarine CRB for now. 

Oh, I also got a chance to ask an educator today if all the new Paris Pink items have had the dye bleed issues solved and she thought that yes, they have corrected the problem in this batch although they are still keeping the ‘caution’ suggestions on the items just in case. 

Lavender Dusk *Rib Cool Racerback Tank

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