I’m really loving this Camo Cool Racerback Tank and the No Limit Tank. I’ve been really wanting a Camo Print CRB for a while now and this is the third version of the print in a CRB but I’ve passed on the last two because they were very high polyester content, something like 97%, which I detest for a few reasons. #1 reason being that it feels like plastic and it traps heat (IMHO), #2 when the prints stretch out you see the warp/weft of the fabric which is white and the print appears distorted and transparent across the bust. It’s just overall icky feeling and I’ve passed on CRB tanks in prints that I’ve adored before for this reason. If by some miracle this one is a Nylon based CRB (47% polyester or less is what I look for) then I’m sold. As soon as I find out about fabric content I will make sure to post. 

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