Comparison of Old Camo Print and New Camo Print (No Limit Tank and Cool Racerback Tank)

Thanks to Melissa for this comparison photo of the old Wren Camo Cool Racerback Tank on the left and the bra portion of the new Camo No Limit Tank on the Right. You can see that the newest Camo print is much sharper and more saturated. I’ve also been told that the Cool Racerback Tank is indeed a heavy polyester but I’m not sure if it’s less see thru than the last version. I really love the camo print but the high polyester content is a real turnoff for me. 

*There are two new Camo Cool Racerback Tanks, a black version and a green version just like the last run of Camo Print*

Left:  Wren Camo CRB  Right: No Limit Tank Camo Print (WREN/RCamo -Wren Retro Camo?)



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