Oh man, I’ve gone over budget this month with the Elevation Space Dye Power Y I picked up yesterday tipping me over the edge. I really shouldn’t get anything in tomorrows upload but I’ve been waiting for a Swiftly Tech LS to come out in a color I love and so I would really like to get the Paris Pink Swiftly LS. Ah well, at least it’s a new month.

What are you guys getting tomorrow? Will it be a pink explosion in your shopping cart? 

Run: Your Heart Out Pullover

Cuddle Up Jacket

Power Y Tank
Elevation Space Dye

White Black Glacier Lace

Black Glacier Lace Embossed

Scoop Neck Tank

Black/White Black Glacier Lake

Cool Racerback Tank

Black Micro Macro Stripe 

Pigment Blue

Heathered Paris Pink

Glacier Lace Print

Run: Swiftly Tech SS

Paris Pink

Gratitude Wrap There are 2 colors!

Blurred Grey and Heathered Coal/Coal 

Run: Turn Around Jacket

Run: Insulator Pullover

Stride Jacket

Black/White Coal Tinted Canvas

White Black Glacier Lace

Dance Fitness Pant


Run Speed Shorts
Black Glacier Lace

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