I’m really loving these blurred grey Dance Studio Pants that have appeared in a US product alert email this morning but I’m annoyed that they are being released now. There is so much awesome winter product in stores this month that getting something that will have to be stored until spring seems kind of silly. Hopefully they’ll be available later on when I am ready to start thinking about Spring but for now I’m probably going to pass. 

Dance Studio Crops

I’m lusting over this Paris Pink Swiftly Long Sleeve despite the fact that there are some reports of color leaching. Color leaching in the laundry doesn’t bother me much since I can just wash it on it’s own or with darks and take precautions, it’s the leaching onto other clothes during a sweaty workout thats a bit concerning. Someone on Lulu This Just In (facebook) submitted a photo of a white luxtreme pullover that has been stained pink by a Paris Pink Tank worn underneath. Most of the staining came out in the wash but some still remains across the front of the pullover. I’ve also read that Pow Pink Swiftly’s from years back had the same problem of staining other clothes.  I’ll probably get it and keep the tags on during the extended return period (January 8) and listen for reports of color transfer during workouts. 

 Paris Pink Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve and Short Sleeve


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