There is no information on this pullover other than it is a run pullover and it’s called the Run For It Pullover. It looks like the zip up is slightly off centre in this photo…or the model didn’t get to adjust it properly when trying it on. Based on the timing of this I’m hoping that it’s a technical fleece pullover or a running luon. This is immediately on my wish list, especially in this color. As soon as I see more about this I will be sure to post.

**Thanks to Aimee who saw this today at her Portland, Oregon store we know that this is likely a brushed Luxtreme Pullover, priced at $118 and has ruching at the shoulders and an asymmetrical zip at the neck (from centre of left shoulder to neck).** I’m super excited to get this if it’s luxtreme because colors are so much more saturated in that fabric and it’s durable and stays looking new for longer. When the inside is brushed it feels very similar to running luon so it still has that cozy factor.

Ok, based on the creases I’m seeing in the hood I’m going to call this a technical fleece. Yummy! I waaaaant!!!


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