Run: Apres Pullover Black Swan and Coal 

This is another high pile ‘sherpa’ fleece pullover and since it comes in Black Swan I think I will give it a try. I love the cuffed hem of the Don’t Hurry Be Happy Pullover but I think the neckline and color in this one will be more my preference. 

Cabin Tee Long Sleeves

Live Simply Jacket Heathered Plum

 Heathered Black Swan/Plum Stripe Scuba. 

This one is gorgeous and I considered getting it this morning but decided to wait a few days

  1. My DHBH pullover is on its way and im already coveting the equinamity pant, power technique tank, and RFT pullover… Soooo hard to choose bc its soooo hard on my bank account, lol. Wish i could order them all.

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