1. FLEEEEEEEECE!!! YayYayYay!!!!!! I knew there was a reason why I've been saving my money 🙂 I agree, I'm going to hold out for another color…I have last year's version in Coal.

  2. The neck opening looks huge! I bet Lulu raised the price on this too! I wish they get back to colour options instead of grey,black too boring and uniform looking.

  3. Was at Lulu today looking for this and I noticed wunder under crops have gone up $10. The crops were stickered at $78 and when I checked the website they're still listed as $68. I'm not impressed Lululemon. You are making an insane amount of money. Do you really need to start making things more expensive? So far CRBs, define jackets, scubas, wunder under crops…soon I will nto be able to afford yoU!

  4. Saw the fleece tonight in an Ontario store. It has a fake fur lining! The logo is done in gradient threads so it's grey and white and it's $98. They only had the grey one out. It's heavy with the lining. Also all still shorts on sale for $44 including black! Yeah!

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