New! Manifesto Long Sleeve

There is a new Manifesto Long Sleeve popping up in some product alerts today. I much prefer the Message In A Bottle Manifesto Print from a few months ago with the more whimsical script but I do like how the print on this is both vertical and horizontal.  This one is also a burn out material which I refuse to buy at Lululemon (I’ve had very bad luck with lulu burn outs). I own other cheaper brands of burnout material that have lasted but my Lululemon burnouts have ripped on first wear and that is just not ok for something double or triple the price so as much as I prefer the lulu style and design I always take a pass on these. You may have better luck then I with these though and I know the Manifesto Prints are very popular and sell out immediately so if you like the style I’d make sure to buy it as soon as you see it in stores. 

Manifesto LS

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