New Print! Manifesto Message In A Bottle

I’ve heard from several educators that we will be seeing a new long sleeve manifesto print. I have a feeling it’s this Manifesto Message In a Bottle print that just came in a product alert. I like this manifesto so much more then the Snellen Eye Test print we saw in early 2010 in the Manifesto V Neck. I thought I really hated Manifesto Prints in general but it turns out I like it in the more whimsical text. Also, the blue shown below (darker) is called Surge and the light text is toothpaste. I’ve been told by a birdie we will be seeing more items in those colors as well. Can’t wait! I’m really liking that darker blue.

Lacey Lulu Hotshort PWMM

Lacey Lulu Hotshort Alternate View

White, Vapour Train Stripe Pink White ManifestoMessage in a Bottle

Surge Toothpaste, Manifesto Message In a Bottle Print

2010 “Fresh Manifesto” Print

or ‘snellen eye test’ print as I liked to call it.

I hated this print and hated the burnout that ripped in every single top before it left the store. 

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