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Fit Review ~ Energy Bra

April 10, 2011

Energy Bra

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I broke down and purchased the Energy Bra in Black on Friday because on my last long run my Deep V Bra caused some rib pain. I think it was because my Deep V Bra has a thick band at the bottom and somehow it was riding between two ribs for most of my run which I didn’t notice until I got home when I realized my ribs were in a lot of pain, especially on inhalation. I tried out my Energy Bra yesterday on my 10 mile run and I’m quite happy with it. What I like most is that it’s luxtreme which I think is the nicest fabric of all for a sports bra, and I really like the back straps. The inner liner of the bra is coolmax which is a wicking jersey like material (same inner liner as the Hustle Jacket). I liked the coolmax but I think I was hoping it would be the same circle mesh liner that’s in the Free to Be bra. In the end I’ve decided I like the Coolmax liner just as much as the circle mesh since they both feel nice against my skin. The support is pretty good, I’m a 36C and don’t require heavy duty support but I found this bra quite compressive in a size 8. My Deep V bra I’m almost certain is a size 10 and is harder to take off when sweaty. 

My negatives with this bra is that it does cause a little bit of back fat on the sides as the back of the band is quite narrow and sits low. I also had a little bit of armpit fat but because I’m using this for running only that is not a deal breaker for me, it just means that I wont be wearing this bra with something that would leave those areas exposed. Overall it’s a good bra with pretty straps for under a Cool Racerback Tank or for layering with other tanks that don’t offer a lot of support. I’ll be using this one for sure at the BMO Vancouver Marathon.

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