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Great Product Shots From West 4th

April 19, 2011

Pure Focus Tank & Bandhas Crops

I’m liking the Bandhas Crops a lot as something I would wear to the gym or to yoga specifically but for street wear I’m finding the static coal version busy with a lot of seam detailing, pattern and circle mesh ties at the ankle. In person these crops are very, very cute. They remind me of my knotted wunder unders which I’ve recently rediscovered in my closet. I love the way the circle mesh ties wrap around the back of the calf but you can also wear them tied at the front or on the side. 

Pure Focus TankPure Focus TankAlternate View

Bandhas CropBandhas CropAlternate View


Back Bend Crops and Modern Racer Tank Tango Red

Backbend CropBackbend CropAlternate View

The Backbend crops are made with a really nice dense feeling luon that reminds me of my Wunder Groove Crops that have stayed like new since last year. I haven’t seen luon like my wunder grooves since then but the weave has a really great feel and if I were looking for crops to use at the gym I would get the Backbend crops soley for that reason. 


Dance Studio Pants White

Modern Racer Tank Modern Racer Tank Alternate View

I got the Modern Racer Tank in Tango Red yesterday and really, really love the vitasea in them. It elevates the Modern Racer to a much more lux, sturdy tank. I loved the Modern Racer before the Vitasea addition but these are so much nicer. I was also curios to see how the Tango Red paired with the white Dance Studio Crops. I would probably shy away from wearing those two together for fear of looking like I’m trying to be patriotic or too contrasty but I like it in this photo. 

Mind Over Matter Jacket

There are elements I like about this jacket but as a technical running jacket I don’t see the functionality of it as it lacks protection from wind, rain and sun. f It sort of reminds me of the Stow and Go Jacket from last year that was originally priced at around $80-$100 and was later marked down to $19. 

Sing, Floss, Travel Jacket

Sing, Floss, Travel JacketSing, Floss, Travel JacketAlternate View

I liked this jacket a lot when I tried it on. The fit was the same as the Wear With All but a bit shorter in length making this a much more flattering length for shorter people like me. The cotton french terry felt similar to the Movement Jacket which I really like for a spring weight jacket. 


Run Speed Skirt

RUN: Speed Skirt RUN: Speed Skirt Alternate View

Love the Seabed print in Grapeseed. I hope we see tanks in this print. 

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