Friday, June 14, 2024

Did You Experience A Shipping ‘Hiccup’?

by Cristina

Reading thru on the Lululemon facebook page, various other fan pages and the My Superficial Endeavors Blog it seems that many people that ordered items from the new Lululemon e-commerce site freshly launched on Friday are now experiencing some shipping issues. Several shoppers have had their parcels shipped to incorrect addresses in different cities entirely. Some customers orders are still in ‘processing’ limbo and still have not received tracking numbers or they have received invalid tracking numbers and have no way of checking on the status of their orders. Hopefully lululemon can correct these issues in a timely manner and make this up to their loyal and  inconvenienced customers so that they have faith in ordering online in the future.

Initially Lululemon suggested we could see more product selection including colors uploaded as early as today if all the ‘hiccups’ of the launch of the new Lululemon e-commerce site were worked out but they have since pulled back and are now hoping to upload colors at some point this week for all of us eager little shoppers. I will post an update to this blog as soon as I hear about when new items will be uploaded online.

Did you experience any issues with your order from Friday? 

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