Well I was right about the Factory Outlet getting a big shipment of products due to the changes to the website and reduction of inventory since it will cost a lot more to ship these items to the new distribution centre then it would be to sell these items at reduced prices. Currently the FO in Burnaby has Down Time Jackets in Violaceous which never made it to stores (except for in Australia) on sale for $129 from $148. If you don’t have access to the Vancouver FO and you have been patiently waiting for this jacket to arrive I’m sure you will see it show up on ebay in the coming days. I’m oh so tempted by the gorgeous color in this jacket but I really don’t need it for Spring running and it doesn’t have the reflective features I want in a running jacket so I’m going to resist the temptation to have a friend pick one up for me or from rushing out madly to the FO. I may drop in on Saturday morning after grocery shopping which I do up the street from the outlet in which case I may once again be tempted if they are still there or on further markdown.

Down Time Jacket

Down Time Jacket


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