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Color Love and Then Newest Items

March 29, 2011

Tango Red

These ladies look so fantastic in this warm toned red. You can tell this is a warm red and not a cool red in how it brings out the warmth in these ladies complexion. 

Heathered White Mudra Wrap and Snorkel Modern Racer

I’m currently having a love affair with Snorkel Blue in the Modern Racer. 

Blurred Grey Mudra Wrap, Iris Wee Stripe Lively Tee

and also with Iris Wee Stripe

Black Mudra Wrap

Iris Scuba Hoodie

Snorkel Scuba Hoodie

See what I mean? Snorkel is an amazing blue!

Blurred Grey with Citron

Blurred Grey is the only grey that doesn’t seem to wash me out. I think it’s because it’s a warmer toned grey. Looks really great paired with Citron and Black.

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