I noticed a new feature on the website. You can now hover over the thumbnail of the color and view the item in that color without clicking on the item. Again. This was an old feature we had with the original website that was removed with this upgrade. I’m still hoping they bring back the option of searching colors on the website. 

Loop Back Jogger

Acid Rubber Dye Magnum

Acid Rubber Dye Black

Loop Back Crew

Black Grape Align Pant

These Arise items are made of Nulu. 

Arise Tank

Arise Long Sleeve

Arise Bra



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    1. No. They added that awhile ago. Doesn't go far enough in my opinion since all the models almost wear the same size for the most part. I'd like to know height, inseam and some other stats like other websites have on their models.

  2. Wow. I am glad as my wallet needs a big break from past 2 weeks of upload and wmtm. I cant jusify lll prices for casual lounge wear. So many cheaper options for stuff i will wear around the house. I prefer to invest in technical workout wear. I am in love with the arrow print wuc as well as the nulux fast and free tights. Although drab colours the fern print is quite pretty with lots of colour options to match it. I got blue midnight tulle wuc and dark magenta crb on wmtm. I didnt get antidote nor marvel as i think they are similar to ray and various plum crbs i have. Since we havent seen any sneak peeks of upcoming prints i wonder if we will be in for a surprise. Some of the prints uk got would be nice…that chromatic print looks so nice

  3. How many freaking joggers with cuffed hems and short shapeless tops are they going to make before changing it up a bit? I really can't believe that this vision of no colour, no shape, no design detail got past go especially in a company like LLL. I simply cannot recall ever seeing so many boring designs combined with boring colours for such an extended period of time.

    1. I totally agree. I gravitated to Lulu quite a while ago for a superficial reason. Their clothes were technical and FLATTERING. The clothing made me feel taller & slimmer — and some of my willowy friends feel more feminine & curvy.

      The only thing that I find attractive from Lulu these days are the patterned leggings; I personally like the fern and arrow prints as well as a few patterns released in the summer. BUT, guess what, my legs are too thick for me to feel comfortable in anything but dark, solid pants; I have a relatively trim torso so I prefer the form-fitting tops or jackets.

      Long gone are those days I stalk the site and make weekly purchases. The only remaining vestige of my addiction is visiting this site.

      Don't get me wrong: I have bought a few swiftlies in the past several months, but every other piece I've loved has been altered beyond recognition or discounted — the CRB, the DSP, the Scuba 2, the Grooves with a diamond gusset, even the short-lived Be Present jacket. Admittedly, I do like the Define, but I have collected enough since its release that only the rarest color (a bright green or Vintage Pink, for instance) would tempt me.

      For those enjoying Lulu these days, I am happy for you. However, I am saddened by the destruction of a beloved brand's identity.

    2. What happened to all the technical clothes? People get upset about the negative reviews and it's like…some of us are still buying this stuff to work out, and it doesn't perform. The number of people that are ok with Aligns being 'sitting around the house' pants only is staggering. And I agree with you – I have a flat stomach and don't want to cover it in overpriced, generic sweats and poorly proportioned tops that sit away from the body. I have countless options for those kind of clothes. I'm not going to pay a premium to buy clothes that make it look like I work out but that I can't actually wear for active pursuits.

  4. so Potdevin said something about bringing color back. where and when exactly? because I ain't see no color, lol.

  5. In before the commenters telling us that anyone that doesn't like this stuff is just a hater than can't afford the brand.

    1. 8:12 here again. I know. I recognize that people coming to this site for the first time might be perplexed by the frustration (bordering on anger) at Lulu. However, if you've been buying Lulu for ages (as many of us have) it's hard not to be disappointed by the decline in quality and style. As 9:46 said, it's hard to justify "paying premium" for shapeless, colorless clothing that's not technical. I can assure the commenter: Not $$, but desire, deters my buying Lulu these days. There's nothing I covet.

  6. I would love to see a color comparison between black currant and black cherry if anyone has both! It seems like black currant is more blue/purple? I am still bummed dark olive never made it to the energy bra or any luxtreme bottoms. I hope that black currant does!

    1. Yes and with my olive skin tone, I love how green compliments me. I didn't buy regularly for a couple years but I may be in the minority because I've been buying it up now! I love olive, black, white, gray and navy!!

    2. I like wearing olive casually, but not for the gym. For my workouts I like pairing all shades of gray with pink, yellow , another gray, but with bright colored bra picking out. I have also been buying a lot

  7. I am going to be thankful for small steps forward, return of color name indicators on the website, and metal tie ends as on the loop back joggers above – the plastic tips of the last few years are so cheap looking, a small detail that was none the less often a complete turn off for me!

  8. 1980s called and want their acid wash back. Goodness, you could not pay me to wear those items.

    It will take them 6 more months to produce any colour and I wouldn't expect any cohesion.

    I am waiting for literally one thing to go to markdown and then I am pretty sure I am done with the brand. Everything is such an easy pass if you want flattering, technical, quality clothing as one who truly works out. LLL is now just extremely superficial. Those who don't know, don't know.

    1. I'm literally waiting for something I like to purchase with a gift card and then I won't ever go back to the website! I deleted the app off my phone a couple months back. Sad that I can't find something actually technical enough for my hard workouts to buy – everything is made for sitting around now apparently vs actual "sweaty pursuits"

    2. I deleted the app too! Normally I would check the store for the item to go to md but I can't even be bothered going in there. The one thing is the only reason I check the site. And wmtm Canada has a ton of stuff. But there is a) nothing that I want, and b) all of it still overpriced

  9. Hmmm…can't do that on the U.S. site. I hover over the teeny tiny color dots and also click on them and nothing happens. The "new" (because it's actually not so new anymore) website still sucks.

  10. I received my order of Antidote energy bra and Speeds , Keep score crops in white and Hot like Agni tank in sterling. Antidote looks amazing IRL! So much better than Ray( I dislike Ray). Thank you LLL for bringing back this color. I really like it in small items. However I'm unsure if I'm going to keep the other two items. The crops hit me at the weird spot ( im 5"4) and I'm not sure if it's very flattering. As far as Hit like Agni tank goes my plan was to wear it at the gym and casually so I sized up to 6 and it's too loose and long for my short torso. For some reason I thought it would be similar to Long Distance tank which I love , but it's much longer.

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