Nothing for me today. I tried on the Loop Back items and did a fit review this morning but they where all passes for me. I’m waiting for more black grape items to start showing up such as the Fast And Free 7/8 Tights, or a short sleeve technical tee like the Mind Over Miles SS (bored of the colors it currently comes in) or the Black Current Swiftly Tech LS. Nothing is really enticing me today. 

Did you order anything? 

Loop Back Hoodie

Loop Back Jogger

Loop Back Short

Anew Short – Quicksand

Hotty Hot Short

Mind Over Miles Crop

Mind Over Miles Tight

Mind Over Miles Crop Top

Mind Over Miles Bra

Swiftly Tech Racerback – Antidote

Align Pant II Black Currant

Black Grape Power Y

Mind Over Miles Long Sleeve

Freshly Pant

Mind Over Miles Short Sleeve

Squad Goals Hoodie

City Adventurer Backpack

Actually, I’m toying with ordering these in black from last week. Have any of you tried them on yet?

Fast And Free Crop


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  1. Whew my wallet needed a break today. Yippee. Nothing for me. I cant justify spending on sweat outfits lol. Yes i can afford it but i would rather spend it on technical gear for gym.

  2. I'm looking forward to trying on the new technical items – mind over matters crops and tights as well as the antidote swiftly.

  3. Every week I think, "Maybe this week will be different" but it never is. I really don't know why I don't just give up. What is wrong with me????

    1. I think the same thing! I actually have started to buy from other brands like lorna jane & alo. Lululemon is SO boring these days.

  4. I wanted the crops cuz finally the mesh portion isn't that itchy sheer crap they've been using but DAMN. $108 for luxtreme crops?! Since when? I am not paying that much for run crops. Guess I'll need to baby the 3 old school pairs I have remaining (that also only cost me $78/$88!)

  5. Absolutely nothing here of interest. I'm with LLM in that I will wait and see what else comes out in Black Grape and Black Current. If they are going to give us these Fall colours in Spring than give us Black Grape Run Times, Swiftly s/s, jackets, Street To Studios, hell give us back Dance Studio Crops in Black Grape!

  6. I'm interested in Doubke Time tank, but only if it comes in Magnum, Quicksand or any other color other than black , white and that maroonish one I'm so tired of . I also like new Power Y tanks in Black grape and magnum. Aligns look amazing in Black curant , but I already have several pairs

  7. I actually just placed my first order in probably 6-8 months. I've never tried the hotty hot shorts or short sleeve swiftlies, and I liked some of the new purple-ish and green colors. I ordered two of each in the two sizes I usually wear to try. I also ordered some socks (can't go wrong with those!) and the wee are from space high times. We'll see if I actually end up keeping anything!

    1. I think i'm going to order the wee are from space high times too. I see girls wearing them around from previous releases, and I always like them. I would prefer a crop, but I can't be picky!

    2. Gee i still have some sitting in bag from last year…i think i got them on md…yippee i can just pull tags and start wearing them…though i wondered if they are close to the arrow print in colour….i guess print is different so i shall keep.

  8. Ouch, I went after the white mind over miles tight, the black currant wuc, and the magnum power y. super excited this week

  9. Nothing for me and I don't expect there to be as I am not into boxy, cropped cuts or high waist sweat pants, or mesh, so on and so forth.

    The only thing remotely interesting is the Mind Over Miles LS in blue. However, I can't stand all those seams in the back so I won't even look into it.

    The model is beautiful but are they kidding with this bumble bee Mind Over Miles top and shorts ensemble? Someone really has no idea what tasteful is…that has to be a few someones for this type of thing to even go through stages and then to production.

    1. I just saw that the MOM LS has meshy material in the back and sleeves so even less of an interest in this top! Plus it's spring (Ontario). I don't need a LS, not even a ventilated one. I ran in crops and a CRB today, 16C.

  10. I ordered the Keep Score shorts. They look a little quirky, but I'm a sucker for leg pockets. I really think the white MOM crops look clean and fresh, but wonder if I'd ever reach for them.

  11. I ordered Power Y in magnum and WUC in black currant. Also very curious about MOM crops how are they different from Keep Scope ones

  12. I saw some try on pick of the mind over mile pants and the first thing you notice is the tag in the back! They are doubled up in the fabric and you can still see the tag? Common LLL!

    1. Actually white on white will "glow". Pull the tag and it will be opaque (always wear nude color undies under white regardless). It's the reason one should never wear a white bra with a white t-shirt – it gets a "glow" factor going.

  13. I got my white MOM crops in the mail yesterday. Ordered my tts 2 and had to LOL at how much of a workout they are to put on. They are double lined and not super stretchy. Coupled with the mesh on the side panels that I was being careful not to tear by tugging too hard,these are definitely a bit of work to get on. Gorgeous fabric though and I love how the mesh panelling looks. That being said I'm not such a hater of mesh as a lot of commenters on here seem to be.

  14. That Loop Back Hoodie looks like a cheap cut of sweatshirt from the Walmart Hanes sweatshirt section :O Awful. Lulu has fallen very far.

  15. LLM, I tried on the black fast and free crop. Fits TTS and is opaque. I'm toying with the idea of getting them too. I'm just waiting for the black grape fast and free crops. I have so many black crops!

    Mrs. O

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