Huge thank you to Ms. S for sending us this terrific fit review! 

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Ms. S’s fit review:

Just got back from my local Lulu store and tried on a few of the new items. 

I was very excited about the Crescent Tank from the website, as I love the detail in the front. I tried in my TTS 10 which fit everywhere except length wise. Granted, I’m 5’9 so this too would be adorable in someone with a shorter torso, or someone who doesn’t mind showing off their abs. Not for me- I’ve got a bit more work to do in my

midriff area before I start showing it off! 

Next, the More Than Modal Crew. Again, too short for me. My normal 10 was a bit loose on me and I have a feeling this will be a size down item for most gals.

Lastly, Fast and Free Tight in the new alpine white. I have to admit, this pant has me changing my prior dislike of the Nulux fabric. They are incredibly

comfortable, but the alpine white was sheer in the rear for me and unflattering. I also tried on Navy, which fixed the sheerness issue. I’ve got too much navy already so i’m hoping they come out with this tight in a different color or pattern that I love. I’ve heard some people say they size down in Nulu, however I tried these on my TTS 10 and they felt great. The only way to know for sure though is to run in them and see if they fall down, which I didn’t do!

Crescent Tank

More Than Modal Crew

Fast And Free Tight


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  1. Ms. S: You look great in the Crescent tank! And your abs don't need more work. But I understand the feeling of wanting to be in better shape. The Fast and Free tight also looks great on you. Too bad they are sheer. I also tried the Crescent tank but wasn't sure about the length. (I have a long torso). We put the same outfit together, except I tried on the white tank with the arrow print WUC. Great minds think alike.

    Mrs. O

    1. I have an Athleta tank with the same exact twist detail from about 4 years ago. Only different is that it's about 2 inches longer. So yea, I don't think this look is anything new and fresh.

  2. I too tried on the modal. Deliciously soft but way to short on the crew and bad kangaroo pockets on the hoodie. I marched right across the hall and tried athleta's modal as lulumum mentioned she likes it a lot. I bought their crew and matching shorts. Cheaper and better fit. Sadly no one was in my lulu….

  3. After spending the day in the mall EVERY store I went in has a version of the twist front. I saw it everywhere… every price point. I tried the lulu long sleeve and it was rode way up in the front. I'd rather has a loose fitting tee that I can tie any way I want than one with a perma knot. It was very very soft which is why I even tried it.

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