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  1. My God, the Boom Bloom Chartreus Green Aurora WUs are a sure sign of the Apocalypse. I actually gasped in horror when I saw them…

    1. OMG are they serious, I literally gasped – open jaw and all. That is the ugliest patter I have ever seen. What is going on LLL.

    2. Due to the negative comments above about these tight ( yes, richly deserved) I feel the need to say something positive. They would make an excellent bottom to a early 70's Halloween costume. That's all I could come up with…..

    3. @anon 10:56AM I think you're onto something here! I am actually wondering what to wear for Halloween this year, lol

  2. I am curious how the silverscent luxtreme is going to hold up. I find the silverscent to be quite fragile on the tops (hello swiftlies snags) so I am trying to understand how it will be on tights/crops. Especially since the qualith has gone down overall over the past couple years.
    LLM, any thoughts on this?

    1. I have two silverscent tops from over three years ago that have held up pretty well. I wore them while moving into my new house and have done some pretty wild exercising in them. I have never had issues with snagging, however, They are a much different material than the swiftlies so I think that contributed to them lasting longer. I also think that the quality was much better back then. I am going to give these a try because I love silverscent but I do not have high hopes that they will last as long as my old lululemon has.

    2. thanks! my only worry is that these are bottoms, so the tear and wear will be so much more intense each time I sit down.
      well, let's hope LLL really stands behind quality, blah blah and they will take them back should anything back happen to them.

  3. of course they had to release a gorgeous saturated color in the CRB II (Moonlit Magenta). too bad it is not enough to make me buy it. Boo!

    1. I have to agree that it's a super pretty colour, I wish they hadn't done such a quick release between purple shades as I picked up the Super Purple CRB2, and the power purple swiftly is LS & SS so like you it's not enough to make me pull the trigger.

    2. Agree with you both! I too am being super selective with my purchases these days. I don't even care as much anymore, it's getting easier to resist stuff I wouldn't have in the past and that feels really good. 🙂

    3. I agree with you Anon 9:55a.m. It's so much easier to resist buying something I like especially with higher prices but also because I don't like how Lululemon is being run.

  4. Ugh, more mesh! I liked the look of the Wild and Free Tank from the front, but then I saw they randomly hacked out a piece of the back and replaced it with mesh for no good reason. They are determined to beat the mesh trend to death, aren't they? Who here actually wants to show off the entirety of her bra? Is that really a thing the customers have been clamoring for?!

    Bummed that they keep coming out with great colors for the CRB II. I would have killed a CRB I in those colors but the CRB II just isn't flattering on me.

  5. Anyone tried the FTBZ? I'm interested for casual wear but the top review on says one of the straps broke on first wearing…any insight into how fragile it seems?

    1. I haven't tried it, but wouldn't be surprised if it is that fragile. That was my very first thought when I saw photos of this bra when it was first introduced. The straps looks like they would be vulnerable to ripping apart where they're all sewn together.

  6. I might have to trade in my Like Nothings for the Conduit Tight. I also like the Shibori and Ombre WUPs and the Space hoodie.

  7. Embrace The Space Hoodie looks like the spacer fabric but it doesn't state that in the description. I don't care for the spacer fabric at all and I am not liking the styles either in this fabric. No thanks to the mesh tanks but I do like the colour Moonlit Magenta and will check out the s/s Swiftly in this colour. I also like the look of Deepest Magenta in the Pima Cotton fabric as well as the Olive in Pima Cotton. I would like a Love Tee Crew s/s in one of these colours but not the Love Tee Scoop l/s, I prefer the Yogini 5 Year l/s better.

    I don't know why they would make so many similar black and white prints, it doesn't make sense. The only print in this drop I like is on the Conduit Tight.

    I am not happy to see that Australia's website is now under the new format, boo. I was hoping they would change the North American websites back to the old one but I guess that's not going to happen. When I go to the UK site now they bump me out to the flag page and I have to click the UK flag to get back in. A pop up window about cookies then shows up and I wonder if this is going to happen every time we go into the website that we will have to click close to get rid of the pop up.

    1. Europe has a law about having a cookie disclaimer on every website. If you go to any UK based website or blog you will see this same disclaimer pop up. I learned about this when I was in France and I had to acknowledge this on every website.

  8. completely off topic…I just received my all days vest, wondering if anyone else ordered one. There is an interesting pocket on the inside that looks like the only thing it could possibly hold is a make up brush. There are lots of other pockets…cell phone pocket, a zippered pocket and then this odd pocket. Its the width and depth of the cell phone pocket but with a seam down the middle making it two long skinny pockets. No clue. The vest its self is simple and toasty..kind of like wrapping your duvet around yourself

  9. I just bought the Space Hoodie – I wasn't attempting to buy anything like it, in fact I had gone in to try the grey puffer jacket (which looked terrible on me) but I stupidly felt the material of the hoodie as I went past and it was so soft I had to try it on. I want to use it for wearing to and from dance class; I'd also like to wear it out running (very slow jog occasionally breaking into a walk basically) but the assistant pooh-poohed this suggestion and went and got a load of other jackets that weren't anywhere as near as nice.

    The sizing in LLL can be so off, as a size 12 sometimes it fits beautifully and other times I get a work out in just trying to get the clothes on. Some of the jackets looked fab in a 12, others made me look like an over-stuffed sausage.

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